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Competitive Combat [SR1-SUP]

Usually, you would play a tabletop roleplaying game cooperatively with your friends, to overcome challenges in an adventure. Instead, this rules package will explain how to use the same rules you know and love, but to compete against your friends in tournament-style play.

Changes of Play: You will be glad to know that in competitive play, the majority of rules stay the same. In order to keep fights balanced, there are restrictions of character level, magic items, weapons and equipment that they have.

The Freecaster Night Games: There is a story told where the bravest of heroes go to the Plane of Everdark, where it is perpetually night, to content with otherworldly challengers to win a Trophy of the Freecasters.


  • Clash of Churches. Two monks of opposing religions have disagreed on a vital tenant of their faiths and their churches want nothing to do with the conflict. They have decided to resolve their differences through combat.
  • Three’s a Crowd. Three Bounty Hunters have simultaneously tracked each other into this tavern, but have been unable to attack each other. They have decided to finish their jobs tonight, and take their fight into the ring.
  • Dire Consequences. Two Halfling Rogues have been caught operating as drug smugglers into the city by a rival gang attached to this tavern, and have been thrown into the ring to fight not only each other, but also a captured Death Dog.
  • High Elf Ranger and Duregar read-to-go stat blocks


Buy Now$1.95 USD or more

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