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Modern Rules Package [DD1-SUP]

This rules package is intended to be read alongside the fast-paced, single-session, premiere adventure of the Dropships & Demons series, Defending New Normandy [DD2]. That adventure has references for when these new rules are suggested to be used.

In this package, you will find our methods of changing your typical fantasy game into something a little more gritty, more futuristic than fantastic.

As it is common to find games set in a generic medieval world, with well-known races like elves and dwarves as well as magic and alchemy, we will instead do away with that mystical mumbojumbo. Rather than magic, we will instead explain the wonderful effects as suitably advanced technologies, such as firearms and computers, that to the casual overseer would be otherwise indistinguishable. 

If you’re not a fan of one genre or another, there’s no need to use everything presented here. Feel free to use only the parts you like. For rules-sake, nothing changes. You are free to use the same methods, dice and processes you know and love. But for exposition’s sake, you’ll need to be able to describe things differently.


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